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Development of a Novel and Integrated Portable Non-destructive Analysis System for the Documentation

InfrArtSonic aims to develop a novel and integrated non-destructive portable system for the determination of the depth profile of the paint layers of an artwork as well as the local distribution of the pigments in each of these paint layers. The system will unify two modalities, acoustic microscopy (AMAD) and UV-VIS-nIR-mIR spectroscopy (ISAD). Data acquired with the two modalities in the same areas of analysis are jointly processed and correlated to trace the depth profile of the paint layers (ultrasound modality) and to map the pigments in each respective paint layer (VIS-nIR-mIR spectroscopy).

Objectives : The objective is to develop a new scientific approach toward studying art objects namely paintings without having the need for cut sample for scientific testing as a destructive mean of the art work.

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Type : International
Duration : 35 Months
Status : Completed
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Partners : International